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Paid Search Advertising

Efficiently Spending to Target the Most Likely Customers

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay-per- Click (PPC)

  • Custom Crafting of Each Ad Campaign

  • Detailed Keyword Investigation/Evaluation

  • Analyze-Improve-Remarket

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    1 – (When done right): Immediacy.

    2 – Hyper-Targeting of the right Customers/Audience

    3 – Efficiency – Spending money as efficiently as possible by getting the right ads in front of the right people, as opposed to mass advertising that is guaranteed to reach a lot of “people”, but perhaps none that are in the market for your product/service.

    Pay-per-Click (PPC)

    Pay-per- Click (PPC) online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords and Bing offers the ability to instantly achieve exposure for your product or service in front of the most likely customers to make a purchase.

    The best analogy is watering crops.

    The Old Way: Spray thousands of gallons of water in the air over the crops, but most of it evaporated in the air, and never made it to the roots where needed.

    Modern Tech: Drip Hoses, with a small hole right at the root of each plant. Efficient drips of water now accomplish what took thousands of gallons of wasted resources before.

    The Result: Exceedingly high ROI’s.

    Custom Crafting of Each Online Advertising Campaign

    Each Online Advertising Campaign for your product/service is individually custom crafted, after an extremely thorough analysis of your target consumer base, customer profile, geographic considerations, and goals.

    Similarly, Ads on Google AdWords & Bing, as well as Landing Pages are hand crafted to achieve the most efficient use of your advertising dollars.

    Detailed Keyword Investigation/Evaluation

    Extremely detailed keyword research, structuring, and evaluation is, well…The Key.

    In conjunction with well written pay-per-click Ads and specifically composed Landing Pages, ThePPCGroup performs an entire process of investigating and researching the exact keywords that will optimally perform for each of your online marketing campaigns.

    In conjunction with each of your Google PPC Ad groups on online marketing SEM sites such as Google AdWords and Bing, we have experienced online marketing experts to make sure your advertising on Google, and more importantly, the money you spend on PPC marketing to advertise on Google AdWords and Bing, ensures you ahve the best PPC advertising possible.

    Efficiently Spend Money to Target ONLY the Most Likely Customers/Markets

    Once a Pay per Click PPC advertising campaign is launched, then there is rigorous ongoing evaluation and reevaluation by our online marketing experts to constantly hone and improve the performance of all the elements your PPC advertising, to reach the most efficient ROI performance possible within the given goals of each PPC marketing campaign or Google Ad services Group.

    Audience Remarketing

    One of the most successful conversion tools in SEM in the realm of Google ad service is Remarketing visitors to the website. Like the PPC marketing keyword aspect, this involves building different PPC advertising Campaigns that target based on the behavior or telltale signs of each visitor to your website.

    Most customers do not make a buying decision on their first visit to a website. Deploying remarketing campaigns in Google PPC ads, to keep your presence in front of prior visitors to your website, is a vital tool to achieve sales through proper PPC Management.

    Website Design

    Website & Landing Page Design

    Website Design
    Responsive Website Design
    Landing Page Design
    Technical Sophistication
    SEO/PPC Optimization

    Website Design

    ThePPCGroup has the ability to offer a very diverse variety of custom website designs. Websites are art with technological underpinnings to make them functional.

    We are happy to discuss your needs, goals and tastes to create exactly what you have in mind.

    Contact Us now to discuss your needs, tastes, and goals to create exactly what you have in mind.

    Responsive Website Design

    User devices now cover all gambits of the technology arena…. Computers, tablets, and mobile devices…

    Right now, over half of the browsing traffic searching through Google AdWords PPC advertising, has moved to Smartphones, and this trend is expected to increase.

    ThePPCGroup builds “Responsive” websites that display and function properly on all platforms.

    Contact Us now to discuss your needs, tastes, and goals to create exactly what you have in mind

    Landing Page Design

    A vital part of a successful PPC advertising structure is the Landing Page, both in its visual design and content.

    The goal is to achieve an initial visual Attraction, and then Engage, and Convert….

    The consumer must be intrigued and interested enough in what they first see, to take that next step and
    1. Click Deeper into Your Site,
    2. Purchase your product, or
    3. Contact You.

    The skill is to get the consumer visually enticed or intellectually interested during their initial 10 second evaluation, so they want to take that next step.

    Contact Us now to discuss your needs, tastes, and goals to create exactly what you have in mind

    Technical Sophistication

    The Terminator: “I am a cybernetic organism….living tissue over and a metal endoskeleton”.

    Like the Terminator, websites today are not just a pretty face. There are extremely complex technological coding, plugins, and tracking elements to provide the ability to evaluate and control the performance of SEM campaigns.

    The Internet’s vast scope, combined with the almost unique nature of each consumer’s search methods, means that the many ways of your customer base finding your company, are extremely wide-ranging. One of the categories to make sure you have covered are search, directory, and “profile” sites like,, Yelp, Manta, Hoovers, 411.Com, and the list goes on.

    Being listed on these sites not only makes sure that you are found in their directories as your customers search, but it increases your links and backlinks, helping with how Google evaluates your web presence.

    SEO/PPC Optimization

    Your website needs to be properly optimized, be seen/crawled by search engines such as PPC advertising sites such as AdWords and Bing. The website content must be specifically tie to your Pay per click advertising Keywords and SEO terms/categories.

    ThePPCGroup has the PPC management skills and PPC management services to make sure your website is optimally configured and structured for its best possible (SEM) search engine marketing performance.

    Contact Us now to review your site’s optimization.


    Custom Reports to See Real Performance

    Monthly Reports

    This is a numbers driven endeavor, and so there is a constant evaluation and re-evaluation to constantly improve the process until the desired results are achieved.

    ThePPCGroup provides detailed reports to allow you to see the current activity, successes, improvements, and financial performance of your programs and campaigns.

    Conversion Reports

    Two typical goals are public awareness of a product or brand, and then Conversions… This can take the form of Sales, Email, and other contact information to build a relationship, downloads of eBooks and other material, or phone calls from a mobile phone.

    Among other reports, Pay per Click marketing Conversion Reports help gauge the success of online ad campaigns, various Pay per Click marketing programs, website interactions, and other avenues of reaching your prospective customers.

    ROI Reporting

    ROI Reports provide the ability to see how well your Bing or Google AdWords advertising dollars are performing.

    Ultimately, in a successful campaign, the advantage of online marketing over traditional marketing is a significantly better performing Return-on- investment (ROI).

    Targeting to purchasers that are specifically interested in your product/service, if not actually in the market ready to buy, can be exceptionally more efficient than print and other media, reaching very large audiences, but perhaps almost no one that is in the market for what you are selling.

    Local Listing Management
    Online Reputation Management I
    Online Reputation Management II
    Instant Mobile Email Alerts
    Live Chat
    Call Recording and Tracking

    Your Online Web Presence

    Making Sure That You’re Found, and Worth Finding

    Local Listing Management

    The combined elements of Internet’s scope and breadth combined with the diverse search habits, methods, and approaches, means that points of contact with and exposure to your customer base is extremely wide-ranging. One of the venues to make sure you have covered are search, directory, and profile” sites like,, Yelp, Manta, Hoovers, 411.Com, and the list goes on.

    Being listed on these sites not only makes sure that you are found in their directories as your customer search, but it increases your links and backlinks, helping with how Google evaluates your web presence.

    Online Reputation Management I

    The benefits of the new wired, social-media world cut both way. While it allows you to reach out to everyone, it also allows everyone to reach back to you.

    Significantly, depending on your product and business model, you and your customers may NEVER meet face to face. Hiding in “the shadows”, people are no longer embarrassed to “give it to you” online.

    Bad reviews can live on to eternity on the Web, severely damaging your online reputation. The more scathing the review, the less significant it becomes that it’s ten years old.

    Online Reputation Management II

    It’s vital to have channels in place to insure yesterday’s customer doesn’t have some festering issue waiting to blow-up, that could have been easily addressed and defused.

    Likewise, a site chocked full of good reviews, improves your evaluations in the eyes of Bing or Google AdWords scoring, and potential customers.

    Reviews are used to evaluate the risk, or lack thereof, in buying your company’s products or services.

    Instant Mobile Email Alerts

    Technologies employed by ThePPCGroup can give you instant notification of new submissions to your website or Landing Page so you reach out to you customer asap, before they become your competitor’s sale.

    Live Chat

    Live Chat added to your website allows for your customers to have instant contact with your company. A quick question can turn into a hook to a longer conversation, and a conversion into a sale.

    When you are closed, 24/7 third party coverage can either increase the likelihood of the customer getting the answer and satisfaction they need, or increase the capture of their contact information, so you can reach them the next morning.

    Call Recording and Tracking

    ThePPCGroup has the technology to offer Toll Free phone numbers, Call Tracking through the capturing of all caller information, and Call Recording for both quality-control purposes, and to protect you by recording the facts of each conversation.

    Display Advertising

    Another Venue to Reach New Customers

    Display Advertising

    Display advertising on is an important segment for both brand awareness and SEM outlets. Additionally, it performs an important function in Remarketing Campaigns. Display Campaigns can be broad in scope to accomplish Brand Awareness, or can be targeted, based on interests or buying/search habits of potential customers.

    In-App Mobile Advertising

    In-App advertising is another form of Display Advertising, in a different venue. It provides another avenue to reach potential customers. Keyword Targeting allows for placements according to interests, or this can be a format for brand exposure to a broader market.

    Evaluations & Consultations

    Evaluations & Consultations Free Review of Your Data/Site

    Website Evaluation
    PPC Evaluations
    Landing Page Evaluations
    Local Listings Evaluation

    Website Evaluation

    ThePPCGroup offers free evaluations of your existing website design, structure, technology, and functionality. In the current day, your website is the most vital front-line tool. The need for your website to attract, entice, enthrall, and satisfy, cannot be stated too strongly.

    We are happy to review and evaluate your current website, both aesthetically, and as to its technical design to compete, such as tracking functionality and SEO structure. The proper installation and configuration of these latter two technologies is vitally important for your company to successfully compete in the marketplace.

    PPC Evaluations

    ThePPCGroup offers free evaluations of your existing campaigns, including your current Ads, Keyword configurations, Remarketing Campaigns, Display Ads, etc.

    Landing Page Evaluations

    ThePPCGroup offers free evaluations of your existing Landing Pages. The layout and content of these pages is crucial to a properly synchronized PPC Campaign that will succeed on AdWords and Bing.

    Local Listings Evaluation

    ThePPCGroup offers free evaluations of your current status with numerous local listings sites. It is important to have a strong presence on these sites. They contribute to both organic and paid search performances.

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